Business Intelligence vs. Data, Data, Data…

The world of BI (Business Intelligence) is growing by the day, and hearing back from clients we are steadily becoming one of Kansas City’s (and the MidWest’s) Business Intelligence consulting leaders. We continue to expand our abilities to combine innovative analytics with reporting tools for building relationships around structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Our BI consultants help you select, optimize and deploy custom as well as pre-built analytics and reporting tools to help you understand your customers, brand, competitors, operations, and market opportunities. Once we help define a data roadmap, we leverage tools such as Tableau, Infor, Cognos, Birst, and Microsoft BI Solutions.

  • Strategic Planning, BI Assessments, BI Roadmaps
  • BI Tool Selection and RFP Assistance
  • Prototyping and Proof-of-Concept Exercises
  • Data Migration, Data Integration
  • BI Architecture Design and Optimization
  • Analytics Reporting Automation, Dashboard Development
  • MDM and Data Governance Guidance

Time Saving – Data Sharing

IT has data. However, you need that data – and it’s context – to make strategic business decisions. This is where we step in. We help provide the data – and the analytics – that give it context so you can move your business forward; without the lag time you deal with now. 



We Provide BI Direction

Our BI team delivers on the promise of making your data accessible, through design, infrastructure, reporting and analytics in a manner that is meaningful to you. We help reign in the multitudes of data sources to give you a central, consistent avenue to validate performance. Isn’t simplicity sweet! With ability to deliver world-class data solutions, the only question left to ask is “Are we your BI company?”

Please contact us at to get information on case studies and testimonials on clients – big and small – who are happy to recommend our solutions and our consultants. You may call us at (913) 894-6923 to set up an appointment with our team.