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The Business Intelligence Hype

With all the data in the world today, where do you find the balance between action and insight, creativity and accountability, art and science? At a recent client, managers grew furious with a system whose new analytics effectively held them accountable for bottom line accounting results they thought undermined their key account relationships. The sophisticated… Read more »

Prepare for Monday… on Friday

These words are written to be read before noon each Friday. A reminder to take stock of a productive week which will soon be in the past, and focus on renewing yourself with the finite hours Saturday and Sunday give you. When 4 PM on Friday rolls around, it’s hard to think about anything besides… Read more »

Why watching the US Open will help your business

The US Open tennis fan experience has improved remarkably thanks to real-time data and insights. So has player insight and match preparation. As I look to my team at Solomon Consulting Group to find hidden gems to drive revenue or reduce costs and time for our clients, I am impressed what IBM has done for… Read more »

A Thousand Words Can’t Paint a Picture

Have you tried explaining your car issue to a mechanic over the phone? How about explaining how to fix something to your parents without being in the room? The common theme is you need a VISUAL to truly get a grasp of what the problem is first, before you can actively come up with a… Read more »

Solomon President speaks at KC DAMA Day

Grant Gordon, President of Solomon Consulting Group spoke to a full crowd at the 2016 KC DAMA Day at the KU Edwards Campus. Gordon spoke to how Solomon is helping local KC area companies understand their data. The Kansas City chapter of the Data Management Association (DAMA) is a group that welcomes all data management… Read more »