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5 TED Talks for Job Seekers

Let’s face it: Looking and waiting for that perfect job opening gets to be a major distraction if it takes longer than a day. Sometimes you need a little lift and keep the motivation knowing that you will find the next role that can elevate your entire career. Instead of clicking on funny YouTube videos… Read more »

Women at Work

Women at Work: Defining Value, Eliminating Bias for Female IT Professionals Solomon recently came alongside Kansas City Women in Technology, a new organization that aims to get more young women involved in IT and enable those already in the industry to advance their careers. I agreed to deliver the keynote address at KCWiT’s recent meeting… Read more »

17 Must-Haves for your LinkedIn Profile

17 Must-Haves for your LinkedIn Profile There is not a perfect way to create a LinkedIn profile – each is supposed to reflect the person behind it. However, there are some common traits that will help ensure you are linked correctly to the right topics, and to the right people to help your career GROW!… Read more »

When is the right time?

“Timing” is becoming the buzzword for 2013. From startup ideas that make it big as we recently witnessed at Silicon Prairies “BIG Kansas City” entrepreneur event, to those that never see the sanctity of the Apple Store. Without timing, some brilliant ideas don’t receive the push they need, either from those that believe the idea… Read more »