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The 7 People Needed on Your Data Team

Guest Blog by Ian Thomas (Twitter @ian_thomas ) Congratulations! You just got the call – you’ve been asked to start a data team to extract valuable customer insights from your product usage, improve your company’s marketing effectiveness, or make your boss look all “data-savvy” (hopefully not just the last one of these). And even better,… Read more »

Is Excel the most dangerous software in the world?

We have viruses on computers, but we can fix those. We have apps that crash, but we can create a patch. What business across the world can’t seem to fix, is the reliance on Excel to do their reporting. Analysis shows it causes more time waste and cost than those failed applications. Excel, is to the… Read more »

What is a Key Performance Indicator?

Throughout my career from project management, consulting and leadership, there has been varying degrees of reliance on key performance indicators, or KPI’s. The reason the degree of emphasis on these little beauties changes, is due to the strength and validity they have, and how well they are used to motivate – not demoralize – a… Read more »