Business Analyst

Job #885

  • Direct Hire
  • 2017-01-19

1.Write test plans and test cases in compliance with relevant organizational and industry standards.
2.Creates clearly documented defect reports that enable a developer or technician to recreate the defect. May clear defect reports.
3.Maintain and update test documentation, user guides, release notes, and help notes to ensure accuracy of applications and related documentation.
4.Executes end-to-end functional tests and utilizes automated tests developed by others to exercise system. Collaborates to achieve end-to-end product and process quality.
5.Information, analysis and recommendations to support the product.
6.Understands the business needs the product is trying to meet and applies this understanding to guide testing. Applies a comprehensive understanding of the product functions and the marketplace in which it is sold effectively test assigned products

The Business Analyst (BA) will contribute to IT business or sponsored technology projects by translating basic to complex business needs into understandable requirements. BA's participate in the development and management of project plans related to application development initiatives, from project planning (business and strategic) and design, through testing, implementation, and maintenance. The BA has a considerable understanding of current and emerging IT products, services, processes, and methodologies, along with a continuing understanding of the business function and process. They are able to understand business requirements, goals, and risks, in order to formulate and define the technical scope and objectives of projects. BA's are also responsible for educating project team members and the business community on the impact of the proposed technology and for developing contingency plans. The BA has a team orientation and is focused at all times on improving business operations.