Prepare for Monday… on Friday

These words are written to be read before noon each Friday. A reminder to take stock of a productive week which will soon be in the past, and focus on renewing yourself with the finite hours Saturday and Sunday give you. When 4 PM on Friday rolls around, it’s hard to think about anything besides getting your weekend started—even if that means putting off a few emails, phone calls, and that deliverable/report/meeting/assignment that’s due at 9:30 AM on Monday.

What I have learned is the key to enjoying every last hour of the weekend, including the last few from 5 PM to 10 PM on Sunday, is planning your Monday on Friday. Think of it as getting your work clothes ready the night before so its one less decision to be made the following day. I know it’s easy to put off a few tasks when you have the weekend in your sights—but think about how much better it will feel when you arrive Monday morning and have no pressing tasks on your plate. So clean out your inbox, use your calendar to book time for next weeks meetings/work, make any urgent calls, and tie up your loose ends before you leave the office on Friday. (Your relaxed, Sunday-afternoon self will thank you!)

Waving goodbye to your weekend may never be something you look forward to, but it doesn’t have to be a complete drag. By freeing up some extra time and taking full advantage of your weekend, you can cure your Sunday blues—and maybe even look forward to the week ahead.